About Us

Martinsville Media is the corporate name for WHEE-AM1370, WYAT-TV25 and whee.net. 

WHEE-AM1370 began broadcasting on October 1, 1954 and operates at 1370 kilohertz with 500 watts pre-sunrise authority and 5,000 watts during the day. The station’s broadcast day begins at 6 a.m. and ends at sunset.

WYAT-TV was licensed on September 30, 1993 as W55CC and became WYAT-LP on June 8, 2000. WYAT-LD is a digital low power television station operating on channel 25 with 1,240 watts of effective radiated power.

Historical note:

WMVA-AM1450 began broadcasting on May 1, 1941 and operated at 1450 kilohertz with 1,000 watts power, 24 hours a day. Martinsville Media purchased WMVA in 2005 and discontinued operations on Jan. 28, 2019 after the tower and properties for WMVA were sold. The cost of maintaining the site became cost prohibitive as the facilities were designed for a larger operation. The new owner was not interested in continuing the operations of WMVA and obtaining approval and moving to a different location also proved cost prohibitive. WMVA served the community of Martinsville and Henry County for almost 79 years.