The Case Of “Win and Lose”

The trial resumes today in the case of a Henry County couple. The wife is suing her husband of 58 years for going left instead of right in an effort to avoid a collision. The wreck left the person in the other vehicle dead and the wife, who was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle, with permanent injuries and a quarter of a million dollar medical bill. She wants the court to find her husband responsible for paying her north of a million dollars in damages.

This case is not about a soured marriage or one spouse trying to get back at another. This is purely a money deal. The lawyer that is representing the woman pets his dog first when he gets home, then hugs his wife. He’s also been in court suing people 3 to 4 times a year on average for over 40 years… at least according to his website. He says his client (the wife) is not trying to make the defendant (the husband) “feel bad” but she needs the money to pay her medical bills… past, present, and future.

I have no idea what the insurance situation was at the time of the accident. Nothing in the report of the trial mentioned it. BUT, there is health insurance that pays medical bills and additional medical insurance that’s attached to the automobile policy that pays regardless of who was at fault. Still, it’s likely if any of this insurance was in place that it approaches the value of this couple’s loss. In order to scratch into the real money of an insurance policy (the liability portion), someone has to be proven liable. So, here we are… wife suing husband in a court of law… both lawyered up with guns blazing.

Instead of “win or lose” this is a case of win AND lose. Regardless of the outcome, they’re in this together.