Survey says 60% of all Americans are more tired than ever because of COVID-19

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(NEW YORK) — Even if you haven’t gotten the coronavirus, a new survey shows you’re likely still exhausted from it. 

Specifically, six in 10 of 2,000 Americans who took part in a new survey say they’re more tired than ever before, and their quarantine lifestyle is to blame. 

The survey, commissioned by the mattress company Leesa Sleep, revealed nearly 70% say their sleeping habits have become quite inconsistent as a result of the crisis, with 63% believing their sleep schedules might be “permanently ruined” by the pandemic.

As for that quarantine lifestyle: 44% say they stay up later because they don’t have to commute to work, with nearly half saying they get out of bed just 10 minutes before they start working from home.  Those surveyed also say they’re squeezing in two naps during their remote workday.

These findings bolstered another recent survey that revealed 88% of Americans are staying up later to binge-watch streaming material. 

But it’s not just adults who are feeling tired these days: just 35% say they’ve found it easier to put their kids to bed since the lockdowns started.

In an interesting twist, around half of those who took part in the Leesa survey said they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms from their partner since the crisis began — though a third say they’re also having more sex nowadays. 

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