Coronavirus update


This update is posted daily shortly after 11 a.m.

The Health Department confirmed 9 new cases in the region yesterday. 7 new cases in Henry County, 1 new case in Martinsville and 1 new case in Franklin County.

A look at the numbers… the number of cases in Virginia is 47,856, up from 46,905. North Carolina is at 30,777, up from 27,673. There are 152 in Henry County, 102 cases in Rockingham County, 58 cases in Danville, 45 in Pittsylvania County, 39 in the city of Martinsville, 37 in Franklin County, and 22 in Patrick County. Nationwide we are at 1,890,083, up from 1,826,517. 1 in 173 people in the U.S. have been confirmed as having the virus.

In 2019, the Smith River Sports Complex held an organized event on all but two weekends of the year. It hosted 33,000 people from 21 states. The complex was forced to shut down March 31 because of COVID-19. 21 events have been canceled, including eight events that would have brought in an estimated 15,000 out-of-town people. Officials estimate the complex has lost $40,000 in rent, another $15,000 from concessions and about $15,000 from donations.