MCPS sending out new learning packets Wednesday

school laptop Courtesy MCPS
school laptop
Courtesy MCPS

The situation we are currently in as a community, Commonwealth, nation, and world is unprecedented and constantly changing. We are working to support our students in their continuity of learning, and these plans are changing as we receive guidance from VDOE on an ongoing basis.

Students who were enrolled in a course through Virtual Virginia (VVA) have the option of completing the course online starting Monday, March 30th. If a student does not have access to a computer but would like to complete the VVA course, please notify the school and check out a computer from the school. Students also have the option of completing the course work through locally provided instruction. Upon successful completion of the coursework, whether through VVA or local instruction, the student will be eligible to earn a standard credit. Teachers are working to build online content for students to complete these courses locally if they choose.

Students at the high school level who were enrolled in dual enrollment courses in English, mathematics, science, and social science/ history will continue their coursework through Patrick Henry Community College to earn the dual enrollment credit. Faculty members teaching those courses will be working with students to support their learning.

If a student does not have Internet access other than through a phone, we are providing information on an opportunity from Comcast for free 60-day access through Internet Essentials for qualifying families.

To ensure equity, we are offering our students the option of working on packets and/ or online learning. We are offering new learning packets on Wednesday, and our teachers are working to build additional online content and provide online resources. Packets can be picked up at the school or delivered with meals. Laptops are available for check-out by a parent starting today in grades 6-12 and Wednesday for grades 3-5. Please contact the school to check out a laptop.

The health and safety of our students is a priority for Martinsville City Public Schools. Based on the Governor’s Temporary Stay at Home order, we encourage our families and staff to follow the guidelines outlined by the Governor.